Learn how to legit brainwash people and tell if they're lying!

Episode 13

This is a good one where I talk about the secrets I use to persuade people to do whatever I want, close sales, and also I talk about how you can use these exact same techniques today! Wouldn't it be cool to tell if someone is lying instantly just by looking at them? I'll show you how!

Getting PAID! Haggling Prices and a new hire.

Episode 12

Getting back on track and today I go into the story behind how I quit my job and started to work for myself (friend killed in NYC), strategies that I use to get paid by clients that aren’t paying your invoices, and how I haggle for prices on a day to day basis and so should you!

Genius of Girl Scout Cookies, New Cannabis Brand Flop, and more!

Episode 11

In this episode, I go into the genius of the Girl Scouts and their cookies, the great reception of my El Encanto cannabis brand, and the flop of Royal Flush brand.

How I create Sub-Revenue Streams, and a new cannabis brand I made!

Episode 9

I talk able a new sub-revenue stream I'm working on with my cannabis business and a new cannabis brand that I developed, RoyalFlushCannabis.com!

Meet my friend Joe!

Meet my friend Joe. A fellow entrepreneur that I’ve done lots of work with over the years! He’s more serious (I also got him pretty late in the night on this one =), but he always gives me great advice on any new startup idea I have.

2:03 - Quit your job

7:57 - How to keep up the grind in a new business

18:00 - IMPORTANT Tip for new businesses!

19:50 - Sell the business before you create the business

28:30 - The Empanada Response : Learn your demographic before opening a business

44:26 - Your brand is a direct representation of YOU!

Gotta Start Somewhere!

I’ve been wanting to do a podcast, and instead of pushing it off even longer, I figure I’m just going to jump into this thing and see what happens!

Would love to hear from you as to what topics you’d like me to talk about, or any questions you may have.


.: Adam